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New Item O.S.P Neck Hoody


O.S.P Neck Hoody is a neck gaiter that protects the neck from cool air in various ways!

The biggest problem of winter fishing is cold wind that comes in body. Even if you can protect your body with winter clothing, you can’t fill the gaps around your neck. O.S.P’s new product “ Neck Hoody” will be used as a countermeasure against cold weather. Since the wire is put in the folded part, it is possible to secure firmly when covering half of the face. It shuts out cold air by covering not only the neck but also the head and the face. So it is available for shore fishing, not to mention for boat running. O.S.P Neck Hoody has 4 colors and 2 types, fleece and boa. Chic hues such as camouflage color, heather gray, black, etc. makes you match any style you like.

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