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Saito wins and Otsuka 4th at SINZANKAI tournament 3rd


SINZANKAI tournament 3rd O.S.P cup was held at Katakura Dam in Chiba Pref.on Nov. 13th. O.S.P pro staff Masaya Saito wins with 1810g. And also O.S.P pro staff Takashi Otuka finished 4th with 1455g.

O.S.P baits dominated Korean tournament


G LEAGUE winter tournament was held on 6th Nov. at Nakutogan river in Korea, Mingner won with O.S.P baits.

The temperature of that morning was 2℃、he caught bass that moved down to deep water with High-Pitcher 1oz DC and caught other fish from cover with texas rigged Do-Live Shrimp 6 and snagless neko-rigged Do-Live Curly.

2120g kicker was caught with Blitz EX-DR.

His winning weight was 5165g(5fish)


Terasawa finished 3rd at Lake Tsukui tourism cup.

O.S.P pro staff Yoji Terasawa finished 3rd at Lake Tsukui tourism cup held on Oct. 23rd at Lake Tsukui.




Yamazoe won the final of NAB tournament!

O.S.P pro staff Daisuke Yamazoe won the final of NAB tournament held at Inba-Numa on Oct. 16th bringing 3710g to the scale.

He caught 2530g big fish with “Do-Live Shrimp” 4.8

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“Orikin” finished 3rd at NAB tournament final and got the A.O.Y. title!

O.S.P pro staff Kazuki Orikane aka “Orikin” finished 3rd at NAB tournament final held at Inba-Numa on Oct. 16th. That made him A.O.Y. of this year.

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Takeuchi did it! Won TBC 2016 classic!

O.S.P pro staff Kazuhiro Takeuchi won TBC classic 2016 held at Tone River on Oct. 16th with 4 fish 4043g.

His bait was “Jig 01” and “ Blitz MAX”

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Terasawa finished 3rd at Nissou Cup 6th and became 2nd position of 2016 year ranking

Nissou Cup 6th which was the final of this year was held on Oct. 9th at Lake Sagami. O.S.P pro staff Terasawa finished 3rd with 3 fish 2165g and got 2nd position of 2016 year ranking. He used brand new bait “Over Ride” 3/16oz (prototype)

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Kanai finished 2nd at TKW tournament 5th!

O.S.P pro staff Syunsuke Kanai claimed 2nd at TKW tournament held at Lake Tsukui on Oct. 6th.

He used 1/2oz heavy Carolina rig of “Do-Live Shad” 3.5


Kanai finished 4th at NBC chapter Tokyo 6th at Lake Tsukui


Oct. 2nd NBC Tokyo chapter 6th was held at Lake Tsukui Kanagawa Pref. and O.S.P pro staff Syunsuke Kanai finished 4th with 3 fish 1755g.

This is his comment:

Water looked good but a little muddy in the deep, so the condition was not the same. It was almost fall and fish scattered everywhere. I focused on the fish larger than 1 kg that supposed to be suspending 1-3m depth.

I did not make the weight I hoped but I’m happy I got the prize.

Bait:”Do-Live Shad”3.5(soft shell smoke) with 1/32 nail weight
“HP Shad Tail 2.5 (Neon wakasagi) 1/16 drop shot

Terasawa became A.O.Y. of 2016 NBC chapter Tokyo


O.S.P pro staff Youji Terasawa got the A.O.Y. prize of 2016 NBC chapter Tokyo.

Well done!

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