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November-2018 New Item: O.S.P Winter Shelter Glove


The disclosures of rigs that have been kept secret

Yodogawa rig

Fall action changes according to the size of hook. It has natural fall action just like craw fish because it has almost the same weight as live bait. If you jerk it, it generates “Vassallo” action and if you stop it, it generates slide fall and spiral fall.

Until now, there was a way of fishing letting weightless rigged Do-Live Stick fall. The action itself was not showy and it was common to tempt bass only when it falls.

Yodogawa rig generates “Vassallo” action as if frightened craw fish trying to escape when you retrieve it. Moreover, when you let it fall, it generates small “Vassallo” action with the same speed as craw fish falls. No other bait can have this action but Do-Live Beaver which has almost the same weight as craw fish. This rig is possible for 3.5 inch but this time we introduce the case of 4 inch.

It’s a special rig invented by loco angler who fishes Yodogawa quite frequently.
It generates “Vassallo” action just like escaping craw fish when you jerk it.
If you use 2/0 hook, it slide on your side with “Vassallo” action and if you use 3/0 hook, it generates spiral fall.

Do-Live Beaver 4 inch
T・N・S offset hook #2/0 or #3/0

How to set up
Insert nail weight from sideway at the second section.
When you use 2/0 hook it slide falls toward you with “Vassallo” action.
When you use 3/0 hook it spiral falls.

Secret slide rig

The secret of Kazufumi Yamaoka. Unexperienced swim back fall with spontaneous action. Fall action changes according to nail weighted or no weighted.

The feature of this rig is each part falls with shaking instead of monotonous swim backwards of whole body. If you give action after it touches the bottom or in the middle of water, all parts move and you can tempt bass as rubber jig. If you use no weight rig, it swims backwards moving right and left because upward hands seize water. If you use baitcasting tackle and 1.3g nail weight, the whole body move with the moving of upward hand and then it swims backward.

It swims backward with spontaneous action because each part seizes the water.
If you use no weight rig, it moves slowly and if you use 1.3g nail weight the upward hands also move.
If you shake it, each part moves and tempts bass like rubber jig.

Do-Live Shrimp 4.8 inch
T・N・S offset hook #3/0

How to set up
If you insert 1.3g nail weight at the center of body, it swings its body because the upward hands catch water when it falls. And if you want it fall slowly using no weight, it falls backward.

Secret T.N. neko

Every part keeps on tempting. This is Toshinari Namiki’s confident neko rig setting. When you shake it or let it fall, every part keeps on tempting.

This rig is good for all sizes, but the action of 4 inch is excellent. Upward hands seize the water and move vigorously which generates liveliness of whole body. It can tempt bass not only when you shake it, but when it falls because it generates spontaneous action. It can be usable even under the situation that castability is needed if you insert heavy weight (about2.2g) because the fall speed is real slow. It is effective to start tempting one moment after it touches the bottom because the bite occurs when it collapse down at the bottom.

The action of 4 inch is excellent. 2.2g nail weight is recommended.
The whole body becomes lively because the upward hands seize water.
When you shake it, all the parts tremble and the collapsing action when it touches the bottom is also remarkable.

Do-Live Shrimp 4 inch
Finesse guard type D#2

How to set up
Fit a kind of wacky tube at the center of the body and set up the hook. Nail weight at the head of the bait should be rather heavier like 2.2g.

The secret rig of Do-Live Stick

Anglers can manipulate this rig the way they want. Roll action of body drives bass mad. The width of slide changes according to the place of inserting the hook.

This secret rig for Do-Live Stick which attracts even sophisticated bass. The bait swims sideway with roll action generating the ripple on the water. You can control the width of slide by the position of inserting the hook. If you insert the hook at the position where light and left water resistance is equal you can let it swim straight. You can adjust the direction of the bait after it hit the water surface by twitching the rod. Spec 2 is recommended because it contains less salt and you can let it float on the water surface.

The width of slide changes by the hook position. The photo shows the best position.
The hook should be set at the position you would like to slide and it moves side way with body rolling.
This rig is quite effective for the fish that are conscious of surface of the water. So, it can capture even sophisticate bass.

Do-Live Stick spec2 4.5inch
Finesse wacky #1

How to set up

If you set up the hook as the photo, it slides leftward. If you set up hook near center, the width of slide becomes narrow and if you set up the hook at the position where the resistance of right and left balances, it is possible to let it swim straight.  

Straight and crawl

The experienced bass in Japan were tricked. It looks delicious! The combination of I-shape retrieve and crawl fall.

Most anglers use Do-Live crawler with wacky setting but conventional setting that inserts the hook at the head of bait using offset hook or octopus hook is a weapon of tournament anglers to catch sophisticated bass which detect moving bait. You can elicit bite of the fish that was unable to catch by I-shape retrieve because it falls with spontaneous twist action when it stops. This conventional setting including split shot rig and Carolina rig is very effective in the clear lake and against experienced bass.

Not only wacky setting! Top angler relies on this setting to insert hook on head of the bait
If you pause the retrieve while you are doing I-shape retrieve, it falls spontaneously with fine tremble.
If you aim at super experienced bass that detect artificial baits, use 3.5 inch.

Do-Live Crawler 4.5inch
T・N・S offset #2/0, finesse guard type #2 etc,

How to set up
You should select the hook depend on situation regardless of hook size and type, If you aim at big bass, big and thick hook is better, and if you want to retrieve slowly, light and thin wire hook is better.

T.Namiki at lake Champlain short movie

Toshinari Namiki at lake Champlain, 2018 Bassmaster Eastern Open #3.
Video by Featherwick

October-2018 New Item: O.S.P Sunshade Hat Model.2


October-2018 New Item: O.S.P Pad Cap


July-2018: New Item: O.S.P Logo Mesh Kids Cap New Colors


O.S.P Logo Mesh Kids Cap

July-2018: New Item: O.S.P Logo Mesh Cap New Colors


O.S.P Logo Mesh Cap

New Arrival O.S.P base layers on June-2018

New Arrivals O.S.P base layers on June-2018.

O.S.P Face guard
O.S.P Face cover is a UV protection gear that covers from neck to face and protect skin from ultraviolet rays and sunlight. The material is soft polyester microfiber which has high breathability and flexibility. It feels so good. It can be worn with cap and sun glasses because it has moderate elasticity and three-dimensional sewing. It removes the stress that glasses getting foggy when you cover face because it has ventilation hole at nose position. O.S.P Face cover is a necessary item under heavy sun shine that makes your fishing comfortable and relieve physical exhaustion due to sunburn.

Brown Camo

Gray Camo


O.S.P UV Protect Arm Guard
O.S.P UV Protect Arm Guard is a gear that protects arms from ultra violet ray and prevent from sun tan. It would be very comfortable if you use it with half sleeve wear in sunny season. The material is easy absorbing water and fast drying and has stretch ability, breathability, well fit. Rubber material is adopted at the part of arm and wrist to prevent from moving. It never hinders the rod action and sensitivity. 3 colors and it will be sold in left and right sets. If you use it with O.S.P UV Cut Gloves which is now on sale, sunburn measures from the arm to the back of the hand will be completed!

Light Gray

Gray Camo


O.S.P UV Protect Leggings
O.S.P UV Protect leggings This will effective for UV countermeasure in sunny season. The material is easy absorbing water and fast drying and has stretchability. it fits your body and comfortable to wear. You can enjoy fishing comfortably and casually if you use it with half pants you always put on. This leggings is recommended not only for fishing but various outdoor activities.

Gray Camo


June-2018 New Item: O.S.P Tracker Cap


May-2018 New Item: O.S.P Shrimp T-Sharts

May-2018 New Item: O.S.P Shrimp T-Sharts.

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