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DoLive Crawler 9″ Action Movie available


HP MiNNOW 3.1″ Action Movie available


YAMATO O.S.P SPEC2, Global Color New Arrival!!


[MOVIE] i-Waver fishing in Australia


VARUNA and RUDRA introduction movie from Thailand


VARUNA and RUDRA introduction movie from Thailand.

[New Movie] BENT MINNOW *Do the cover trick!!*


How to use BENT MINNOW in muddy water and around heavy cover from A to Z.
Until now, most anglers thought that our BENT MINNOW series of lures were meant to be used in clear water conditions and while the bass were in a feeding frenzy.
This video will shake those theories up! Please follow O.S.P founder,T. Namiki on his past trip to Korea and find out for yourself the potential of this truly magical lure!
We can guarantee you’ll want to try throwing BENT MINNOW in your local waters after watching.


O.S.P monopolized first, second and third prize of the hit lure ranking of Lure Magazine Mobile.
※Lure Magazine Mobile is a cell phone pay site run by Lure Magazine


1st Do-live Crawler O.S.P
1st among soft lure department
Last year was the same 1st

2nd Do-live Shad O.S.P
2nd among soft lure department
Last year was 12nd

3位 Do-live craw O.S.P
3rd among soft lure department
Last year was 5th


O.S.P lure monopolized from 1st prize to 3rd of soft bait section in the “MVP hit lure rank 2015” run by Lure Magazine Mobile!
1st drive crawler, 2nd drive Shad and 3rd drive Craw.

This ranking is the total of almost 10000 data gathered from Lure Magazine Mobile Members.
We realized again that many anglers catch bass by O.S.P lure.
Please enjoy good fishing with O.S.P lures from now on!

Do-live crawler 4.5 was chosen as “No.1Tackle of the year” by Lure Magazine


“ Tackle of the Year (T.O.Y)” is one of the popular articles edited every year by “Lure Magazine” of Naigai Publishing Company.

A lot of readers pay high attention on the articles because it announces items which created topics each year.

Do-live crawler 4.5 became No.1 soft lure of 2015 T.O.Y 2 years in a row.

And Do-live stick 3.5 became 2nd. So, O.S.P soft lure has made 1-2 finish in T.O.Y.

Moreover Do-live Shad 4.5 became 5th. This is surprising because 3 O.S.P items were nominated among top 5 of soft lure division.

We appreciate big support from many anglers.

See Lure magazine February issue for more information.

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