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DoLive Stick review by tackletour.com

DoLive Stick review by tackletour.com


Spring Bass fishing with Over Real


Hi everyone, Jason here. Been awhile since my last report but here we go. Since the introduction of Over Real 63 wake late last year, I have been grinding at the bit to break out my ultra finesse spinning rods and stick a few bass with this thoroughly thought out piece of fishing hardware.

Granted,spring time is the time of year all of us anglers want to be chucking Squarebills, Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Jerkbaits,etc: at hungry behemoths on the stroll.But, there are those days were those freaks of nature are way too weary, and a more finesse approach is needed to trigger them to strike as I found out on my past couple of trips to my local reservoir.

The other day while I was on the water and had already threw “almost”everything in my tackle box without much success ,I noticed a larger fish was cruising the shallows under lay downs and picking off fallen insects from the surface! Thinking about it now, it was a gift sent from god. He was telling me that I was throwing the wrong stuff and I needed to be using a small topwater bait.

So, I went back to my tackle box , broke out Over Real 63 wake and Louder50 and went back to work.

On my second cast, I made a well placed cast along that lay down I had just seen that bass cruising on and Wham! A nice 3lb fish came up and smashed my presentation! From that point on, I just kept fishing the same type of situations lay downs, overhangs, docks, just anything that a insect could fall from and be a easy meal for those scavenging bass.

I ended up catching a dozen fish in the 2-3lb size range and my day was saved! Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to crush a 5+lber on my favorite Chatterbait ,but realized it wasn’t in the cards on that day.

Small baits such as Over Real,Cobuzzin’, Louder50 all earned respective spots in my box from that day forward!

Never underestimate small lures my fella fishing freaks! I’m sure they will save my /your tails over and over again!

Wish you all good hunting and hope this spring you will all land your PB! Cheers, Jay


1 Hi everyone! Jay here.

With the first few +℃ days among us , I jumped into my shag mobile and headed 9 hours north! Yep! That’s right, time to break out the jigheads, bullet weights and my favorite O.S.P softbaits! As with everything else in life, there’s no 100% promises that when going fishing your going to catch anything but I really needed to get back out there after a long, cold winter.

Getting back to the no promises in life thing, I found out that the weather/location can change very quickly (which it did) and that made the fishing(catching) part of the trip a whole lot more challenging than I would haved liked.

That being said, and after taking an extra day of practice to locate those finiky fish, I had found a few schools of black rockfish that were ready to feed on a well placed Dolivehog 2.5 or Hp shadtail 4.2! or so I had thought……..

Being pumped and knowing I would slam the fish the following night (the tides were perfect)I returned home early with a smile…. Little did I realize I was about to experience the most shocking upset in my fishing career. (Ok, a little over the hill )

The next evening, I returned to my spot I had found only to be greated by 2 monster cranes and a small army of dump trucks who were digging out my money hole! After all the time and energy spent on this past trip , all I managed to come home with was a couple photos and the realization that I needed to up my game for my next trip.

Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed my trip up there, I was just expecting a little more action.

Next time for sure!

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Northern Rocking!!

Hey y’all!

This past week I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in the Tohoku region of Japan. The Tohoku region is renound for having a record stock of rockfish.

This trip proved that hype to be true. I managed to catch decent numbers of fish each night , and also landed 3 fish that measured over my previous record.

Those 3 fish were taken on 3 different OSP softbaits!

1st fish measured at 37cm and was taken on an HP Shadtail 3.1″ rigged on a 1/16oz jighead which I used with a steady retrieve.

2nd fish measured at 37.5cm and was taken on an HP Shadtail 3.6″ which I rigged texas style, with a 3g head weight. I used a lift and tension fall presentation with this rig. The tension fall approach allowed my bait to stay in the strike zone longer and also allowed me to feel even the smallest of strikes.

3rd. Fish measured at 39cm and was taken on a DoLive Stick 3.5″ which I rigged in a back slide setting tipped with a 1/16oz. nail sinker. I used this rig to make technical approaches around and under docks.

Needless to say, but with a doubt, OSP softbaits have a bright future in both fresh and saltwater applications!

Can’t wait to try them next week in southern Japan!

Until next time, Great fishing!


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The DoLive Shrimp has become the winning lure in Australia!!


The Gamakatsu Team Series grand final in Ballina was run and won. Lucky by Tony Moore and myself!!!!

We hit the water on the first day with out a pre-fish and noticed that the river was still running fresh, due to recent rain.

With this in mind we made the decision to fish the bottom of the river, to hopefully find some salty water. Our bag came very quickly fishing a combination of Cranka crabs and OSP DO-Live shrimp along rock walls.

Weighing a bag of 3.07kg we were in the lead!!!! Day 2 we started fishing with the same plan in mind and quickly had to change things up, the fish that were on the wall had moved due to the pressure of 70 anglers on the first day.

A change of tactics and a move to deeper water resulted in a flurry of big fish. Making long cast up current with a dolive shrimp rigged on an 1/8th proved deadly. Fishing in 8m of water feeling the bite was imperative. When fishing plastics I chose to use a edge 702-2 BSR it has a soft enough tip to keep small hooks!

in soft lips, and for crabbing a 701ISR, because of the sensitivity and bottom end power. Tony and I weighed 2.69kg that day which was enough to take the win. img_products_main_doliveshrimp

Mr Lee has introduced the ZERO TWO BEAT in his blog.


Mr Lee is O.S.P Pro staff in Korea. He has introduced the ZERO TWO BEAT in his blog. Check it please.


Perch fishing in Paris by Agogué Olivier

September is usually a busy month with many birthdays, first day of school for kids and many other family stuff… therefore I have less time for fishing and I can only make tiny-sessions of 1 hour maximum during my lunch break or on my way back home after work.

I take advantage of it to go fishing unknown places et some of them are promising, specially on perches which are very difficult to locate at the moment. Indeed, Paris is full of baitfishs but perches are not near the shore hunting. I have to fish with long casts as they are in the middle in the river.

Nevertheless, the O.S.P softbaits always takes care to kink them, for my biggest happiness. Like this fish caught on a brand new spot thanks to my Dolive Stick 3.5 ” rigged on a 5gr Jig Head and livened up by small twitches in the current level with the bottom.


Whether it is at lunch time or at the end of the day, fishes are scattered and susceptible to be in all layers of water. Indeed, I caught fishes as well by fishing on the bottom that by fishing in middle-water and sometimes at the beginning of the descent of the bait.

w2 w3

When I manage to find a shoal of fishes, if I catch one or two, others get scared and don’t bite anymore event taking care of releasing the fishes severla meters away. The solutiopn was to use a Dunk 48 SP (color Real Perch) to irritate them and incite them to bite again.

The animation is rather simple, you need to vary ! Sometimes with slow retrieve, sometimes with middle speed retrieve with stops and tiny twitches.

They can’t resist long to an O.S.P bait !

Agogué Olivier

Magical rocking!



Been a while since my last report, so let me first apologize before starting.

Sorry yall:).

Now with the formality out of the way, let me dive in to the good stuff!

Boy have i found paradise! Let me tell you. Until recently, I thought I needed to drive north 5hours To find some decent rockfish hunting grounds. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Just a short hours drive from tokyo , I found some of the most premeir grouper hunting grounds found in japan.

Not that there were any super monsters locked away there , but they are in there thick and ready to explode on a well placed texas rig!

I started the day using a 3゛DoLive craw on a #1/0 offset hook and weighted down with a 1oz bullet sinker and didn’t need to change my lure selection the whole day. Selection stayed simple because every grouper being caught were regergitating small crabs and shrimp! I don’t want to brag to much so i’m going to stop right here, but if your looking for some fun fishing close to tokyo, check out this guide service right here:http://mera-matsueimaru.com/

They will put you on the fish!

Until next time! Tight lines,

Jay Ferris

O.S.P Pro staff Seikan Ueta finished 5th and got big fish prize at NBC chapter 2nd

NBC chapter Ehime was held on 29th May at Nomura Dam of Ehime pref.

O.S.P Pro staff Seikan Ueta finished 2th with 2160g (3 fish).

And he got big fish prize by 1480g fish!


He used Do-Live Stick 3.5 (water melon) weightless rig.
※NBC chapter : local tournament organized by NBC which is the biggest tournament organization in Japan.




O.S.P pro staff Masaaki Endo won Tokyo Bay Boat Seabass tournament 3rd.


Tokyo Bay Boat Seabass tournament aka BST was held on 17th May, 2016. That was the third event of this year and O.S.P pro staff Masaaki Endo won with total length 262.5cm (5f).


This is Endo’s comment.

It was a rough and gusty day almost 10m wind speed. I narrowed down the spot after practice but I headed for different spot to avoid fishing the same spot with other anglers.

And I decided to fish weed area and traced weed edge. Then caught 3 fish with Rudra. Then I moved to some spot near Futtsu. I got bite as I expected by retrieving Varuna at the edge of break line. There were a lot of sardine in this spot. That is why I used Varuna because it dives deep enough.

I used Rudra and Varuna properly. To search the spot I used Rudra and to let it dive deep I used Varuna.


As for color, I selected natural color and new color coming this July. I fished with these colors but all I caught with new color “ Island Cruise Double Chart Conoshiro “ I really think that is a good color.


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