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Hashimoto wins 2018 W.B.S.1st held at Lake Kasumi!


O.S.P pro staff Takuya Hashimoto won W.B.S. tournament 1st held on 25th March at Lake Kasumi with 4 fish 6725g!

Hs winning baits were “High Pitcher” and new product “ Do-Live Beaver” 4 inch.

Kodai Hayahsi wins Hiroshima Chapter 1st at Iyasaka Dam with “Do-Live Beaver”


O.S.P pro staff Kodai Hayashi did it! He won Hiroshima Chapter 1st held at Iyasaka Dam in Hiroshima Pref, on 25th March.

Winning bait was 3.5 Eco “Do-Live Beaver” (green pumpkin pepper) rigged 10g leaderless downshot.

Yamaoka finished 3rd and Kobayashi 5th at JB TOP 50 A.O.Y. standings!

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Yamaoka finished 3rd and Kobayashi 5th at JB TOP 50 A.O.Y. standings!

JB TOP 50 final was held on Oct. 21 at Kasumigaura Ibaraki Pref. O.S.P pro staff Kazufimi Yamaoka ranked 3rd and Akihito Kabayashi ranked 5th at A.O.Y. standings!

Photo by http://www.jbnbc.jp/

Kasuga took 3rd place at TBC tournament 5th!


O.S.P pro staff Yoshiyuki Kasuga finished 3rd at TBC tournament 5th held on Oct. 15th in Tone River Chiba Pref. with 5 fish 4646g.

Imai was 2nd at W.B.S. classic!


W.B.S. classic was held on Oc. 14th, 15th at Tsuchiura Ibaraki Pref. O.S.P pro staff Shin Imai finished 2nd with 7390g.

O.S.P staff Hashimoto grabs the A.O.Y. title of NBC Chapter Kasumigaura!


NBC chapter Kasumigaura final Marine Works Oyama Cup was held on Oct. 8th.

It was very tough tournament only 13 anglers brought fish, none made limit. In such condition O.S.P pro staff Masaya Saito finished 2nd with 2 fish 2623g using heavy Carolina rig at his favorite dredging area. Also O.S.P pro staff Hiroyasu Naya finished 4th with 1 fish 1708g using blade jig 3/8(ECO) black/blue/purple with Do-Live Stick 4.5(ECO) dark cinnamon blue & pepper shallow fishing as trailer worm at shallow structure.

O.S.P staff Yoichi Hashimoto grabs the title of A.O.Y. Saito was 2nd and Naya 4th .Three guys were among top 5.

Kanai wins TKW tournament final!


O.S.P pro staff Shunsuke Kanai wins TKW tournament final held on Oct. 5th at Tsukui lake in Kanagawa Pref, with 3 fish 3865g.

Thank you for cheering Namiki at Basser All Star Classic 2017!

Toshinari Namiki finished 4th at Basser All Star Classic 2017 held from Sept. 30th to Oct. 1st at Katori city in Chiba Pref.

Thank you very much for everyone who cheered ! I would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited O.S.P booth!

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Takahara wins NBC Chapter Kanagawa 5th and he became the A.O.Y.!

O.S.P pro staff Kiyoshi Takahara wins NBC Chapter Kanagawa 5th held on 30th Sept. at Lake Ashi in Kanagawa Pref. with 3fish 5410g.

Then he became the A.O.Y. of 2017 NBC Chapter Kanagawa.


Kawakami wins Yamanakako 2nd Chapter 4th!

Yamanakako 2nd Chapter 4th was held on Oct. 1st at Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Pref. O.S.P pro staff Noriyoshi Kawakami became the winner! He used ECO HP Shad Tail 3.1.

And he became the A.O.Y. of JB Yamanakako and runner up of NBC Yamanakako Chapter and 6th of NBC Yamanakako 2nd Chapter.


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