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Kawakami finished 2nd NBC Yamanaka Chapter 4th!


O.S.P pro staff Noriyoshi Kawakami fished 2 fish 1900g at NBC Yamanaka Chapter 4th held on Sept. 3rd at Lake Yamanaka and became runner up.

His bait was Overreal 63 Wake and Blitz MAX-DR.

Hirakawa 1st! Kanai 2nd!

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O.S.P pro staff Masatoshi Hirakawa wins NBC Chapter Tokyo 4th held on Aug.27th at Lake Sagami in Kanagawa Pref. with 3fish 2245g.

Also O.S.P pro staff Shunsuke Kanai weighed 3 fish 2185g and becomes runner up.

Thus O.S.P pro staff made one-two finish.

Kondo wins at Chapter Fukuoka 5th!

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NBC Chapter Fukuoka 5th was held on Aug. 27th at Onga River Fukuoka Pref. O.S.P field staff Kentaro Kondo wins with 3 fish 2325g.

He used HP Shad Tail 2.5(right Carolina rig), Do-Live Beaver(Texas rig).

Kitayama wins at BATNET 2018 Category 2 1st!


O.S.P pro staff Toshimichi Kitayama wins BATNET 2018 Category 2 1st held on Aug.27 at Lake Biwa.

He talked about the day.

The water temperature was 28.6-29.7 ℃ and the weather was cloudy after rain. I used drop shotted Do-Live Curly 4.5 and Do-Live Crawler 6.5 at something on the 8-13m bottom at north east shore of Lake Biwa. I was able to win with the margin of 1700g against runner up with 5 fish 9950g.

Kitayama finished 3rd at RIVRE CUP 3rd!

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RIVRE CUP 4th was held on Aug. 20th on Lake Biwa. O.S.P pro staff Toshimichi Kitayama finished 3rd.

He talked about how it went.

I fished several submerged structures of 7-9 meter depth around northeast Lake Biwa. I used 1/4 texas rigged Do-Live Crawler 6.5 and Hunts 1/2oz and brought 3fish 6150g. My partner was runner up with 3fish 6475g using neko-rigged Do-Live Crawler 6.5.

Ueta got the 3rd prize at Chapter Tokushima 4th


O.S.P pro staff Seikan Ueta finished 3rd bringing 2372g at Chapter Tokushima 4th held on Aug.20th on Kyuyoshi River.

His 1500g kicker fish was caught by 8.8g cherry rigged ECO Do-Live Beaver 3.5.

Kanai wins at Tsukui Kanko weekday tournament with DoLive Beaver


Tsukui Kanko weekday tournament was held on Aug. 10th on Lake Tsukui. O.S.P pro staff Shunsuke Kanai wins with 2845g.

He used O.S.P’s new product “DoLive Beaver” 3.5 which is coming this September.

Takahara did it!

O.S.P pro staff Kiyoshi Takahara wins at The NBC Chapter Kanagawa 4th held on August 6th at Lake Ashi in Kanagawa Pref. with 3fish 5450g. His bait was JIG 04 synchro and Bent Minnow.

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Kawakami gets second place at The JB Yamanakako 3rd!

The JB Yamanakako 3rd was held on July 30th at Lake Yamanakako in Yamanashi Pref. O.S.P pro staff Noriyoshi Kawakami finished 2nd using HP Shad Tail (eco model) black blue flake.

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Saito is 1st and Hashimoto is second at The Chapter Kasumigaura 3rd!

O.S.P got one-two finish! The Chapter Kasumigaura 3rd was held on July 30th. Saito is 1st and Hashimoto is second at The Chapter Kasumigaura 3rd!

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