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O.S.P pro staff Kazufumi Yamaoka finished 2nd at JB Top50 1st

JB Top 50 1st was held on April 5th to 7th at Nanairo Dam in Nara Pref. O.S.P pro staff Kazufumi Yamaoka finished 2nd and Akihito Kobayashi 10th and Takayuki Suzuki 28th. Thanks for cheering them.

O.S.P pro staff Youji Sakamoto wins NBC chapter 1st

NBC chapter Ehime 1st Sunline cup was held on March 31st at Nomura Dam in Ehime Pref. Youji Sakamoto won with 3 fish 4,563g!

His baits were
Do-Live Beaver 3.5(Tenaga)1/2oz leaderless drop shot rig
Do-Live Beaver 4(green pumpkin Chartreuse) 1/2 leaderless drop shot rig

DoLive Stick review by tackletour.com

DoLive Stick review by tackletour.com


O.S.P New Item Information May-2019 Vol.3


O.S.P New Item Information May-2019 Vol.2


O.S.P New Item Information May-2019 Vol.1


O.S.P New Item Information April-2019 Vol.3


O.S.P UV protect rush hoodie

Fishing gear with features that protects your body from strong sun shine

Made of fabric that is quick dry, super absorbent and protects you from UV effectively. The fabric absorbs sweat and spread on its surface quickly which makes you feel comfortable because your skin does not feel sweat. Front fastener covers up to where your eyes are and when you fully fasten, this hoodie will guard around your face.

They have thumbhole around cuff so that you can prevent back of your hands from getting sunburnt. To prevent sleeves from turning outward while you are casting, they have finger loop around middle fingers. This rush hoodie is really useful in three season to prevent UV in summer and also useful if you want to put on something when it is chilly in spring and autumn as well.

O.S.P New Item Information April-2019 Vol.2


O.S.P New Item Information April-2019 Vol.1


HP minnow 3.7

Make I-shaped games easier!

Eliminated unnatural movements completely. New size of HP minnow, which has I-shaped action and has made many achievements because it has wide usage that makes it possible to fish observable but very cautious bass, is released. “The HP minnow 3.7” is easy to use because it has moderate weight and at the same time it also has the performance to make bass bite. Its size is so perfect in the pond and major field that it is going to be your main minnow and let you feel excited at minnow warm games.

■ Comparison of the size between 3.1 and 3.7

■ Super multiple performance
Correspond to wide usage like shaking vibration of down shot rig, mid strolling of jig head, jig trailer etc…

■ I-shaped action
Octopus hook is good at setting the hook and offset hook is good at slipping through.“The HP minnow 3.7” generates I-shaped drifting action with both hook setting.

■ Merit of size up
Even without weight, long distance cast is possible. So it is easy to use in windy condition or current.

March-2019 New Item: O.S.P Messenger Bag


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