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October-2018 New Item: Power Dunk SP new colors


Noriyoshi Kawakami finished 2nd at the NBC Chapter Yamanakako 3rd with Blitz EX-DR.


NBC Chapter Yamanakako 3rd was held on Aug. 26th at Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Pref. O.S.P pro staff Noriyoshi Kawakami became 2nd with Blitz EX-DR(ghost ayu).

Takuya Hashimoto grabs the title of W.B.S. A.O.Y. !


2018 W.B.S.(World Bass Society) pro tournament final was held on Aug 25 and 26.

Takuya Hashimoto finished 4th and he became A.O.Y.

Here are the comments from Takuya.

Hey, I got the title of W.B.S. A.O.Y. ! I won the first tournament with Do-Live Beaver 4 inch and High Pitcher which was a real good start. I faced the final tournament when I was at 5th of A.O.Y. standing which means very difficult to become A.O.Y. But I was supplied Do-Live SS Gill 3.6 just before the 4th tournament and it showed super power! I was able to catch good keeper one after another because I acquired new technique under tough condition. The knack is fall and one action. Then even experienced bass comes and bites. That’s why I came from behind and got the A.O.Y. title. I would have never got this title without Do-Live SS Gill. No doubt about that.

September-2018 New Item: DoLive SS Gill3.6″ new colors


September-2018 New Item: BLITZ series new colors


Orikane claims 1st at The H-1 Grand-prix


H-1 Grand-prix 4th was held at Shin-Tone River in Ibaraki Pref. on July 22nd. O.S.P pro staff Kazuki Orikane wins with 3 fish 2600g!

He used
① Tiny Blitz MR(#M62 impact lime chartreuse)
②Over Real 63Wake(#C43 pink lady)
③O.S.P Buzz 02Beat(#S70 black FLshilver)

Matsumura came in 4th at W.B.S. tournament 4th


W.B.S. (World Bass Society) tournament 4th was held on July 22nd at Lake Kasumi in Ibaraki Pref. O.S.P pro staff Hiroshi Matsumura got 4th prize with 5 fish 4540g!

His baits were
①1.3g neko rigged HP 3D-Wacky5″(#TW146 ebi-miso black)

②7g leadless drop shot DoLive Beaver3.5″(#TW146 ebi-miso black)

③7g Free rigged DoLive Shad4″(#TW139 neon wakasagi)

Over 50cm kicker fish made Kawakami 2nd at BFC Yamanakako Classic!

BFC Yamanakako Classic was held on July 15th at Lake Yamanakako in Yamanashi Pref. O.S.P pro staff Noriyoshi Kawakami caught over 50cm kicker with Blitz MAX-DR(#35 ghost lime chartreuse) and finished 2nd.

Suzuki made a big victory at JB Masters using HP3D Wacky, Do-Live Beaver, Do-Live Stick!

JB Masters tournament was held on July 14th and 15th at Lake Kasumigaura in Ibaraki Pref. O.S.P pro staff Takauki Suzuki brought 2 day total 7538g and made a big victory.

His baits were

①Neko rigged HP 3D Wacky5″(#W004 green pumpkin pepper・TW107 green pumpkin chartreuse・TW148 green pumpkin/pink)
②Weightless rigged Do-Live Stick 4.5″(W027 dark cinnamon blue and pepper)
③5g texas rigged Do-Live Beaver 3.5″(W027 dark cinnamon blue and pepper)

Orikane and Yamazoe made 1-2 finish!

NAB21(Narita Airport Basser 21) tournament was held on July 15th. O.S.P pro staff Orikane and Yamazoe made 1-2 finish!

Orikane was 1st with 3 fish 3560g using weightless rigged Do-Live Crawler 5.5(#TW189 Mimizu/green pumpkin blue flake)

Yamazoe was runner up with 3 fish 3460g

He used

①Weightless rigged Do-Live Stick FAT 4.5(#TW136 kawaebi)
②Weightless wacky rigged Do-Live Crawler 4.5″(#W004 green pumpkin pepper
③JIG 05Tugger4g(#S36 tiger shrimp)!

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