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Length 2in・3in・4in・5in
Color 44
Count 10(2in)・7(3in)・6(4in)・5(5in)
Released August - 2008

Very lively actions, all parts have meaning

The development of ultimate craw bait DOLIVE CRAW started from checking thoroughly hog and craw style worms.

After continuous test in a super clear pool and actual fishing, we found the fact that bass bites worm only when worm moves like a real creature.

For instance, the worm that moves charmingly when it falls gets bite then, and the worm tempts bass well gets bite by temptation.

That means we may lose bite opportunity if the worm loses appeal in the movement from casting to pick up.

DOLIVE CRAW, the first worm of O.S.P tempts bass at any moment because every part moves efficiently. Its appeal increases bite when it falls with different movement of each part.

Immediately after grounding, body falls first, and scissors and sensory tentacles fall down slowly. This time- difference action fascinates bass. And every parts keep seducing tempting bass by various kind of temptation. Thus, this worm never loses lively feeling.

You can feel lively action as if it was alive and you can get big bite from bass!!


“Swing Hands” of DOLIVE CRAW catch the water well when it falls and swims and keep swinging charmingly. The way it catches the water is strong but natural. So the action works even when bass is not active.
Falling, staying, shaking…no matter how we use this bait, the sensory tentacles of DOLIVE CRAW move well and attract fish. These are the “Killer Parts” that make fish bite.

High Pitch Legs
Almost like a shrimp and crawfish that paddle water busily, four reverse legs tremble lively when it falls and swims.
Functional Body Shape
Top priority of DOLIVE CRAW is functionality. So it pursued body shape that achieves both snugless ability and hooking ability. It has moderate width and depth to facilitate embedding the point of offset hook.


WaterMelon pepper W001
Cinnamon Blue Flake W002
Scuppernong W003
Green Pumpkin Pepper W004

Junebug W005
Black Blue Flake W006
Lime Chartreuse W007
Green Pumpkin Blue Flake W008

Moebi W009
Tenaga W010
Natural Pro Blue W011
Smoke Pepper&Copper Flake W012

Clear White W013
Pearl Glow W017
根魚 Red W018
Orange Pepper W019

Light WaterMelon Red&Pepper W022
X'mas Candy W026
Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper W027
Cinnamon・Olive&Pepper W029

Scuppernong Blue Flake W034
Soft Shell Smoke TW102
Natural Pro blue ⅡTW105
Watermelon Red&Green/Cinnamon Blue TW106

Green Pumpkin/Chart TW107
Green Pumpkin Red/Natural orange TW108
Amezari TW109
Pink Back Glow TW110

Camo TW111
Blue BackCinnamon TW112 NEW COLOR
WaterMelon/Green Pumpkin TW116
Ghost Shrimp TW117

Impact Blue TW118
Maddy Shrimp TW121
Dappi Craw TW122
SightSpecial TW127

Castaic Choice TW131
WaterMelon/GhostChart TW132
Okeechobee Craw TW135
River Shrimp TW136

Spawn Shrimp TW137
Silver Shiner TW138
Ebimiso BlackTW146
Red CrawTW149

色番号 色名(COLOR) サイズ(SIZE)
Original Eco
2" 3" 4" 5" 2" 3" 4"
W001 WaterMelon pepper
W002 Cinnamon Blue Flake
W003 Scuppernong
W004 Green Pumpkin Pepper
W005 Junebug
W006 Black Blue Flake
W007 Lime Chartreuse
W008 Green Pumpkin Blue Flake
W009 Moebi
W010 Tenaga
W011 Natural Pro Blue
W012 Smoke Pepper&Copper Flake
W013 Clear White
W017 Pearl Glow
W018 根魚 Red
W019 Orange Pepper
W022 Light WaterMelon Red&Pepper
W026 X'mas Candy
W027 Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper
W029 Cinnamon・Olive&Pepper
W034 Scuppernong Blue Flake
TW102 Soft Shell Smoke
TW105 Natural Pro blue Ⅱ
TW106 Watermelon Red&Green/Cinnamon Blue
TW107 Green Pumpkin/Chart
TW108 Green Pumpkin Red/Natural orange
TW109 Amezari
TW110 Pink Back Glow
TW111 Camo
TW112 Blue BackCinnamon      
TW116 WaterMelon/Green Pumpkin
TW117 Ghost Shrimp
TW118 Impact Blue
TW121 Maddy Shrimp
TW122 Dappi Craw
TW127 SightSpecial
TW131 Castaic Choice
TW132 WaterMelon/GhostChart
TW135 Okeechobee Craw
TW136 River Shrimp
TW137 Spawn Shrimp
TW138 Silver Shiner
TW112 Blue BackCinnamon
TW146 Ebimiso Black
TW149 Red Craw
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