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Length 3" 4" 4.8" 6"
Released October - 2012

The action and wave motion is almost alive shrimp

Shrimp live in all over Japan and is the best favorite bait of bass because it has good taste and easy to catch.

DOLIVE SHRIMP express the movement of shrimp, trembling their arms and legs busily. Furthermore DOLIVE SHRIMP express faint vibration of shrimp’s arms and legs.

Ultra high speed vibration of upward hands occurs when DOLIVE SHRIMP falls or swims. And that vibration goes to leg, sensory tentacles and its flat tails. So, whole body trembles minutely. It is almost like a real shrimp drifting in the water.

Also, the upward hands have the effect to slow its fall speed. Its slow falling action with minute vibration of body increase bites while it falls dramatically.

Thanks for the low specific gravity material, after reaching the bottom, it keeps natural posture even if it is used very slowly with stay action.

No matter how you seduce bass, every part of DOLIVE SHRIMP works separately and induces bite with its lively action.

Why don’t you feel the extreme excitement when even experienced bass bite so easily because DOLIVE SHRIMP acts more like genuine shrimp.


The sensory tentacles and flat tail disposed separately
The sensory tentacles and flat tail are disposed separately and there is space between them. Thanks for this design, DOLIVE SHRIMP generates ultimate action to make fish bite in spite of slim appearance because both part move simultaneously and differently.
Upward hands
As soon as this worm hit water, upward hands start to vibrate and that vibration goes to all the parts. Also, by twitching rod, it responds well. It keeps attracting fish from the time it falls on the water till pick up.

Semi Ring Body & Center Line
DOLIVE SHRIMP adopted semi ring body which catches water well and makes subtle vibration. Center line of body makes hook-set correctly.

To maximize the action of the DRIVE SHRIMP, it has been adopted best hardness of the material. And reduce the amount of salt in order to keep horizontal posture in slow invitation like stay, to secure the necessary buoyancy. Also, the material is scented with the real powder of shrimp and squid which stimulate bass to bite.

3 inch is best for spinning tackle and 4 inch is best for bait fineness tackle, and 4.8 inch is easily used with normal bait tackle because it has moderate weight. This worm has a power to appeal in a vast area or in a heavy cover.

Also, making consideration of cover fishing and heavy use like a full cast in vast area, we adopted hard material which has strong durability. Because the worm hold the hook well, it is possible to continue fishing in the stress-free.

The quantity of salt mixed with material is a little to make a most of hook keeping ability and to express drifting shrimp naturally. Without losing the subtle action of DOLIVE SHRIMP4.8inch made strong game possible because of its size. Strong reaction of bass will prove its effect.

DOLIVE SHRIMP 6 inches lineup as "a size required to shoot big fish”.

DOLIVE SHRIMP 6 bewitches even experienced big bass by falling action and unique action of each part by rod handling. The performance is quite different from former big worms.

The benefit of 6inch size is not only for a big fish.

When you approach weedy area, the head of DOLIVE SHRIMP will be covered with weed, but the tail of long body appeals to bass.

Furthermore, the upward hands of DOLIVE SHRIMP prevent from going into the weeds too deep, and increase the possibility that bass find worm.

Same as 4.8inch, hard material is used mixed with a little salt to be durable. You can fish comfortably because the worm holds hook well even when you fish hard like punching on weed mat or skipping bush cover and long cast in a vast area.

Recommended rigs for 3inch&4inch
Drop shot rig, Wacky rig with a nail sinker, a trailer for a small rubber jig, Light Texas rig, Jig head rig

Recommended rigs for 3inch&4inch
Texas rig, Heavy drop shot rig, Carolina rig, Jika rig, a trailer for a rubber jig, etc.Recommended hook: offset type(3/0~4/0), straight type(3/0~4/0)

Recommended rigs for 6inch

Texas rig, Drop shot rig, Carolina rig, Jika rig, a trailer for rubber jig, etc.
※corresponding to a heavy weight sinker( hook recommended: offset type 5/0~6/0, straight type 5/0~6/0)


WaterMelon pepper W001
Cinnamon Blue Flake W002
Scuppernong W003
Green Pumpkin Pepper W004

Junebug W005
Black Blue Flake W006
Lime Chartreuse W007
Moebi W009

Tenaga W010
Smoke Pepper&Copper Flake W012
Natural Pink W025
Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper W027

Light Watermelon Blue Flake W033
Scuppernong Blue Flake W034
Ebimiso W035
Smoke Blue Flake W039

Impact Gold W043
Green Pumpkin/Chart TW107
Amezari TW109
Blue Back Cinnamon TW112

Sprayed Grass TW115
Ghost Shrimp TW117
Maddy Shrimp TW121
Sight Special TW127

Green Weenie TW128
Neon Shad TW129
Kawaebi TW136
Ebimiso Black TW146

Electric Shrimp TW151

色番号 色名(COLOR) サイズ(SIZE)
Original Eco
3" 4" 4.8" 6" 3" 4" 4.8"
W001 WaterMelon pepper
W002 Cinnamon Blue Flake          
W003 Scuppernong
W004 Green Pumpkin Pepper
W005 Junebug
W006 Black Blue Flake
W007 Lime Chartreuse
W009 Moebi
W010 Tenaga
W012 Smoke Pepper&Copper Flake
W025 Natural Pink
W027 Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper
W033 Light Watermelon Blue Flake
W034 Scuppernong Blue Flake
W035 Ebimiso
W039 Smoke Blue Flake
W043 Impact Gold
TW107 Green Pumpkin/Chart
TW109 Amezari
TW112 Blue Back Cinnamon
TW115 Sprayed Grass    
TW117 Ghost Shrimp
TW121 Maddy Shrimp
TW127 Sight Special
TW128 Green Weenie
TW129 Neon Shad
TW136 Kawaebi
TW146 Ebimiso Black    
TW151 Electric Shrimp    
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