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Length 2.5" 3.1" 3.6"
Count 10(2.5in) 8(3.1in) 7(3.6in)
Released October - 2014

Ultimate High Performance is concentrated in this body

The development of HP Shadtail worm started from creating small shadtail worm that can be good for various kind of rigs. Presumable technique is both just retrieve and shaking.

This can create powerful vibration and water displacement regardless of the speed you retrieve. And this is seldom possible for small shad tail worm.

When you use texas no weight rig(with #2~#3 offset hook) or jighead rig, this can create powerful wobbling action by just retrieve. And that vibration reaches even the worm head.

And if you use drop shot or neko rig with shaking action, its tail vibrates powerfully and displaces water strongly according to the rod work.

Moreover, it can be used as a trailer of Carolina rig or small rubber jig.

It swings tail by free fall even when you use O.S.P“04 Synchro” which has lightest class 1.2g weight.

What should be mentioned is neko rig with 2.2g nail weight.

You can use it as reaction neko rig with 2.2g weight and drop it very fast. Not to mention, you can swim it with 0.3g weight.

High Performance and High Pitch. Hp Shadtail worm was named after these capital letter. The performance is quite high and high pitch.Every year bass is getting clever , but Hp Shadtail worm can catch them surely.


Large diameter head
Head diameter is designed very large because sometimes you need to insert heavy nail weight. Therefore this worm can perform reaction neko rig which is Namiki’s secret technique.
The purpose of center line
To perform full potential of shad tail worm, it is inevitable to insert the hook very straight. Hp Shadtail 2.5 has guide line at the top and the bottom of the head. This part is designed so thick that it guarantees tight hold and durability. Center line is also drawn on the body in order to insert the hook straightly.

There is a slit on the back to conceal the hook point and avoid getting snagged. Inside the slit is made uneven to hold the hook point. The belly part is made thick like head part and so hook can be held firmly.
3 dots
3 dots on the side of body are mark for insert the hook. If you use neko rig which is Namiki’s best recommend, you should insert the hook point into the first dot. And when you try to rig jighead or small rubber jig, dot will guide you precise position. You do not have to try again.

Thick tail
Thick tail respond to rod work like shaking or just retrieve and strongly displace the water.
No weight rig
Drop shot rig
Carolina rig
Jig head rig
Wacky rig with a nail sinker
a trailer for a small rubber jig


WaterMelon pepper W001
Green Pumpkin Pepper W004
Black Blue Flake W006
Lime Chartreuse W007

Light Smoke Pepper&Lainbow Flake W014
Bluegill W015
Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper W027
Scuppernong Blue Flake W034

Magic Goby W037
Scuppernong Blue Flake W040
Solid Cinnamon W041
Wakasagi TW101

Soft Shell Smoke TW102
Golden Shiner TW103
Ghost Shrimp TW117
Neon Wakasagi TW139

Honey Flash TW126
Golden Pearl Shad TW154

色番号 色名(COLOR) サイズ(SIZE)
2.5 3.1
W001 WaterMelon pepper
W004 Green Pumpkin Pepper
W006 Black Blue Flake
W007 Lime Chartreuse
W014 Light Smoke Pepper&Lainbow Flake
W015 Bluegill
W027 Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper
W034 Scuppernong Blue Flake
W037 Magic Goby
W040 Scuppernong Blue Flake
W041 Solid Cinnamon
TW101 Wakasagi
TW102 Soft Shell Smoke
TW103 Golden Shiner
TW117 Ghost Shrimp
TW139 Neon Wakasagi
TW126 Honey Flash
TW154 Golden Pearl Shad

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